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A piece of the sky 


The clients new Singapore headquarters spans 60,000 sq ft, overlooking Singapore’s Southern shoreline at 79 Robinson Road, and is symbolic of a people-centric workplace in a post-pandemic world.


The project is designed for openness, energy, collaboration and choice. The design was centered around 3 key themes:

  1. Space - Open and invigorating environment fostering affiliation, interaction and "buzz" and a variety and choice of settings

  2. Technology - User-centric design and enabling technology, offering multi-functionality and choice

  3. Hospitality and Services – To provide a welcoming experience for clients and guests 

The project was designed during the peak of the pandemic and the brief pivoted during that time, after the client acknowledged that the way their consultants work and the purpose of the office had fundamentally changed. The brief was

to create a home for the Singapore community, where everyone could feel a sense of belonging. The environment was to feel professional, modern and premium, while emanating authenticity and cosy, casual, relaxed vibes.


The look and feel of the work space was to be modern, fresh, casual, yet polished and professional; not too industrial. The design thus responded to a highly mobile, independent and diverse work culture. Flexibility was central to the design, to

accommodate hybrid working options and leave room for future growth.


The office was also designed to help strengthen a sense of community and collaboration, to attract people back into the office after a prolonged period of working from home.

The cafe occupies the best corner with stunning panoramic ocean views to soothe the senses. The cafe has been designed as a warm and approachable space, with Singapore Peranakan touches to highlight local culture and greenery to improve employee well-being.

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60,000 sqft


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Design Consultancy


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