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A workplace without boundaries

IHH Healthcare

The project itself comprised of 2 different locations, which were at 80 Bendemeer and Harbourfront. The key concept was to have a different design theme across the 2 spaces while also creating a connection across all IHH locations. The key design challenge was to strike that balance between introducing different design elements so each location would have a its own unique flavour and expression, but at the same time have that unifying signature IHH element and branding. 

The key to the space planning and workplace design was to have a wide variety of different types of work points and breaking away from the typical workstation offering.


A highly agile working environment created a variety of more collaborative seats, huddle spaces, hotdesks and quiet zones for people to have more choice for work setting. 

size / 

60,000 sqft

location / 


scope / 

Design Consultancy


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