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This office interior design project created a modern, open workspace with a deep appreciation for Taiwanese culture and a client-centric approach. It was designed as a haven of calmness and productivity, fostering a sense of belonging and well-being among employees while offering a touch of luxury and tranquility in client areas.

Open Office and Agile Working Principles:.

  • The primary focus was creating an open office layout that encourages collaboration and flexibility in workspace allocation.

  • Workstations were be designed with adjustable desks, flexible seating options, and easy access to shared amenities, fostering a culture of agility and adaptability

  • Ergonomic furniture, ample greenery, and the incorporation of natural light created a nurturing atmosphere that enhances the daily work experience.

Local​Taiwanese Influence:

  • Unique elements reflecting the local context of Taiwan were incorporated into the design. This involved the use of materials, textures, and feature walls inspired by Taiwanese culture, art, and history. Local artisanal craftsmanship is showcased to celebrate the region's rich heritage.

Client areas​

  • Client areas exudes a sense of tranquility and sophistication with a zen-inspired design. The use of natural materials, soft lighting, and minimalistic aesthetics created a serene environment that is both elegant and calming.

  • Dedicated training rooms were designed to accommodate various learning formats, from traditional classroom-style setups to interactive workshops.Modular furniture and advanced AV technology  ensures versatility, making these spaces adaptable for different training needs.

size / 

20,000 sqft


location / 


scope / 

Design Consultancy


Year / 


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